Happening Design at UXINDIA23 – Our Insights and Takeaways 
Posted On October 6, 2023
5 minutes read
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Every year, UXINDIA hosts one of the world’s most prestigious conferences on UX Design. This event brings together some of the brightest minds in design leadership and the design community on a grand scale. Considering these opportunities, it makes sense for us at Happening Design to be there and explore opportunities for co-creation and collaboration. This year Team Happening had the honor of joining the conference as the Diamond Sponsor at #UXINDIA23! 

This year’s conference was not just a gathering of design enthusiasts; it symbolized a promising future where the synergy of design and AI is poised to revolutionize the industry. Participating at UXINDIA 23 was nothing short of a transformative experience. As Diamond Sponsors of this renowned event, it signified a significant milestone in our journey as a design studio. It meant more than just a chance to showcase our work; it was an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a thriving community of design innovators and thought leaders.

Happening Design’s founder, Rohan Sridhar, took the stage as a keynote speaker at UXINDIA 23, where he shared his visionary perspective on “The Business of UX: Driving Business Innovation and Competitiveness.” His compelling talk delved into the realm of business design and underscored the pivotal role of design in enhancing marketing strategies.  

In this article, we’ll distill the key takeaways and insights from UXINDIA23 conference. 

Meeting New and Old from Design Community

Our time at UXINDIA23 was a mix of reconnecting with familiar faces and engaging with newcomers from the design community. We met aspiring students and fresh design talents at our booth, eager to discuss potential internships and job opportunities for the upcoming seasons. Furthermore, we discovered like-minded design companies for possible collaborations. Rohan Sridhar’s packed keynote session, followed by a flood of questions, highlighted the growing interest in the intersection of business design and AI, symbolizing a thriving ecosystem of innovation and knowledge sharing. 

A New Era of UX Design Powered by AI  

UXINDIA 23 not only brought together design enthusiasts but also highlighted the intersection of AI and design, signaling a promising future. The event showcased how the synergy between design and AI is set to revolutionize the industry, making it an essential topic of discussion among the community of design innovators and thought leaders. Happening Design’s founder, Rohan Sridhar, even emphasized the role of design in enhancing marketing strategies in his keynote speech, underlining the growing importance of this intersection. 

Human Centered Design is Here to Stay 

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, one thing has become abundantly clear from this year’s UXINDIA conference: Human Centered Design (HCD) is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental approach that’s here to stay. The discussions, presentations, and workshops at UXINDIA 23 highlighted how putting users at the heart of the design process remains paramount. From Rohan Sridhar’s keynote address to engaging panel discussions, it was evident that HCD has become the bedrock of innovation and competitiveness for organizations across industries.  

A New Wave of Collaborations and Projects Planned with Happening Design 

UXINDIA 23 proved to be an ideal platform for Happening Design to foster new collaborations and ignite exciting projects. As Rohan Sridhar took the center stage as the keynote speaker, we found ourselves in the midst of design leaders and companies eager to engage. Industry experts and renowned brands came forward with discussions about potential collaborations and offers. The post-UXINDIA23 landscape seems to show a promising future. This conference has truly paved the way for exciting new horizons in the world of design. 

Reinforcing Our Commitment to Innovation 

With all the ideas and discussions showcased at UXINDIA 23 reaffirmed Happening Design’s commitment to innovation. Whether it is through our team members, booth, or one-on-one talks, we got to engage with a diverse spectrum of design professionals and thought leaders. From here, we will continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and reimagining how design can drive business success.  

A Promising Year till the Next UXINDIA24  

As we bid farewell to UXINDIA 23, we carry with us a wealth of inspiration, insights, and new connections. The conference reinforced the enduring significance of the intersection of AI and Design. With our founder, Rohan Sridhar, leading the way as a keynote speaker, and numerous opportunities for growth on the horizon, Happening Design Studio is ready to embark on a year filled with promise and potential. 

To stay updated on our latest projects and offers, you can visit our website or reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you at UXINDIA 24, where we will continue to shape the future of design together.