Happening Design is Proud to be a Sponsor of UX India 2023
Posted On August 27, 2023
5 minutes read
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For 19 years, UX India has been an event for meeting like-minded design leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to connect and network. It has become a platform for the design community to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Happening Design has been a proud part of this journey for a few years. Through our participation, we have had the opportunity to explore new avenues and stay connected with the global design community.  

Since UX INDIA 22, we have come a long way. With a notable increase in clients, we’ve expanded our horizons and worked across major industry verticals, including legal and insurance. Our portfolio now spans a diverse range of industries, showcasing our adaptability and expertise. As we continue to grow rapidly as a team, each new project and collaboration contributes to our evolution. With the approach of UX INDIA 23, we’re excited to build on these achievements. We eagerly anticipate the chance to meet more trailblazers in the design world, exchanging ideas and experiences, and exploring a multitude of opportunities for mutual growth. 

This year, we are thrilled to announce that Happening Design is sponsoring UX India 2023 yet again. The theme of the Conference, “Interactions of a Third Kind,” about AI’s Role in Design, aligns perfectly with our vision of leveraging emerging technologies to shape the industry’s future. We believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the design process, enhance user experiences, and drive innovation in ways we have never imagined before.  

As a Diamond Sponsor, we are excited about the possibilities that UX India 2023 will bring. We expect to witness thought-provoking discussions, insightful presentations, and engaging workshops that delve into the intersection of AI and Design. We anticipate learning about cutting-edge applications of AI in the design field and gaining valuable insights from industry experts and visionaries.  

We also look forward to connecting with fellow sponsors, attendees, and speakers at the Conference. Networking has always been a significant aspect of UX India events, and fostering these connections is crucial for growth and collaboration within the design community. We anticipate engaging in fruitful conversations, sharing our experiences, and learning from others to collectively shape the future of Design. Drop by our stall at the conference to chat with us and learn more about our journey and the exciting projects we’ve been working on. 

Here is what you can expect through our partnership with UX India: 

Share our Design Philosophy at Keynote Speech from the Happening Design’s Founder Rohan Sridhar 

This year, our founder Rohan Sridhar will be taking the stage for one of the keynote sessions during the conference. Don’t miss out as it is set to be a game changer, showcasing our goals and work so far. The topic will be revealed to the world soon, but trust us, you are in for a surprise! Make sure that this keynote is a part of your UX INDIA 23 schedule.  

Exploring New Avenues to Utilize AI in Design  

Through our partnership, we expect to dive deep into the possibilities of integrating AI into the design process. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach Design, and this Conference is creating a platform for the design community to discover innovative applications. We anticipate learning about cutting-edge AI technologies, tools, and techniques that can enhance the design workflow and create human-centric Design. By engaging with experts and attending AI-focused sessions, we hope to gain valuable insights and inspiration to push the boundaries of Design with AI.  

Meet Aspiring Design Professionals and Help Them Cultivate Their Passion  

We have been attending UX India conferences as an opportunity to connect with aspiring design professionals. We look forward to engaging with these individuals, sharing our experiences, and providing guidance. Whether through informal discussions, mentoring sessions, or participating in career development panels, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation of designers. By mentoring young professionals, we can contribute to the growth of the design community as a whole.  

Connect and Collaborate with the Design Community  

Like every year, we join UX India to join a diverse design community and engage in productive sessions. We are eager to connect and collaborate with fellow professionals, industry leaders, and experts at the event. We hope to exchange ideas and foster meaningful collaborations that benefit us and the brands. It’s a good time to learn from each other’s experiences, gain fresh perspectives, and collectively drive the industry forward. We are excited to build new relationships, strengthen existing partnerships, and contribute to the growth and development of the design community as a sponsor of UX India 2023. 

Showcase our Products and Services at The Happening Design Stall  

Apart from being a part of dedicated talks and panels, Team Happening will also be present at the UX INDIA 23 conference venue at a dedicated stall. Drop by, meet our team and explore the futuristic products, and services we are offering for our clients. Let’s meet and plan some collabs that will change the future of design where AI and new tools are playing a vital role. 

Explore Talent and Internship Opportunities in Our Growing Team 

As our team continues to expand, we’re eager to meet you at UX INDIA 23 and discuss the exciting opportunities available at Happening. Whether you’re seeking employment or looking for an internship to kickstart your career, we’ve trained interns who have successfully transitioned into full-time roles. Let’s connect and explore how you can be a part of our dynamic and innovative design journey.