2022 at Happening – A Recap and Way-forward
Posted On January 17, 2023
5 minutes read
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2022 was a year of unlearning and the beginning of a new journey. While the horrors of the pandemic were still fresh in our memories, it also changed the status quo of design thinking and philosophy.  

Team Happening adopted new and upcoming trends quickly. Whether it was AI or Web3, we included it in our pitches, designs, and everything we wrote about. We also grew as an organization with a diverse team of professionals bringing fresh ideas to the table. We came up with some incredible innovations that will only progress as we enter 2023.  

Here is everything that made 2022 a Happening year:  

We returned to UX India After a Gap of Two Years  

UX India, the leading Conference of UX designers, returned in 2022. The two-year gap was due to the pandemic, which made the event more personal. We were proud to be a part of the event as one of the platinum sponsors. It gave an incredible opportunity to meet UX design enthusiasts from different walks of life. We also took this opportunity to analyze the scope of UX design in the coming years and how we can leverage it for the greater good.  

Learn more about our experience at the event. 

We Grew, and So Did Our Team  

The year saw us taking on new projects and delivering them with great value. But it only became possible with the diverse team of professionals who joined us in 2022. From design to research and development to content, we found highly talented individuals from different walks of life who made our projects their own. We are now a team of 50, and a few will join us soon. Not only this, but we also mentored and trained interns, some of who also have joined us in full-time roles. We expect to keep growing with like-minded individuals in 2023.  

Check out the careers section for new opportunities at Happening. 

We Ventured into New Industry Sectors  

It was more than just the tech-oriented projects where we used our ideas and skills. We ventured deep into new industries and worked on some exciting projects. Our recent projects include legal, construction, insurance, and ISVs. And we made sure to deliver something new and unique while keeping in touch with new trends and technologies. 

Accessibility-Focused Design Philosophy  

For us, accessibility is not just a way to penetrate deep into target demographics. Accessibility-focused design is the key to empowering weaker communities. Through this design philosophy, we have ensured that we will make our digital products as diverse and inclusive as possible. The layouts, the fonts, and the flow were designed keeping various guidelines, including the ones issued by WCAG. 

We Adopted Web 3.0 

Web 3.0 presents a wonderful opportunity for the UX design community. It has untapped potential, and we have already started uncovering the many opportunities that lie in the way. We have used the combination of Web3 and Artificial Intelligence to make UX design more interactive while helping machines understand human language more efficiently. We will also leverage Web3 to ensure better data security, privacy and control giving users more power when accessing digital products. We believe this is just the beginning, and it will be interesting to see where Web3 takes us in 2023.  

Exploring the Opportunities in AI-Driven Art and Design  

AI art may be in its early stages, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the many opportunities it can provide in the future. We have learned that if done right, it can take UX design to a place that no one has explored yet. We are confident that artificial intelligence in UX design will emerge as a creative partner that will take creativity to new heights. AI in design will be more about designing awesome experiences, creating better products, improving services, and helping users in general. 

What a year! 2022 gave us so many learning opportunities in UX UI design. While challenges come and go, we have always something to learn and use those lessons to improve ourselves, and our capabilities. We are excited to continue on our path and create incredible designs, and we hope you are too. We would just like to say thanks to our partners, clients, and team members who trusted and supported us. Let’s make incredible designs together.