Re-designing a ‘client lifecycle management platform’ for a giant financial institution

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We were tasked to re-design a client lifecycle management platform for account onboarding, change management, restructuring and terminations for a Financial Institution on wall street. This product lets financial managers create events and workflows for teams to automate their processes, oversee, track and complete tasks.

What we did?

Re-design the age-old application to uplift the User Experience, upgrade the User Interface to current standards and enhance the application's Information Architecture.


What we did?

Understand the complexity, identify problem areas and propose concept solutions.


What we did?

Conduct User Research to unearth insights, understand pain points and evolving needs of the users.


What we did?

Collaborate with user groups through workshops to group insights, generate themes and prioritise features.


Truly a billion dollar problem

This is a platform that enables 1000’s of event creations every week across all domains of the financial institution to perform a set of tasks over a set duration. To complete each event – a large set of actions are to be performed, meet multiple regulatory requirements, receive approvals, complete background verification and finally execute the client’s preferred multi-million dollar investments.

Understanding the complexity

Onboard a client, select a pre-defined event based on client requirement, create a draft, assign tasks, publish, commit, track and oversee.

Each event has to go through workflow phases like Planning and requirement definition, regulatory and governance, setting up guidelines, and final sign-off. Each phase has multiple tasks that need to be completed and approved before the event gets closed.

Challenge #1

Cognitive Overload:

So much data is show in one go that users often spend time figuring out what to do next.

Challenge #2

Tech driven design:

The existing design was very tech centred, showing unnecessary data to users, filled with bombarding features and was executed without much planning.

Challenge #3

Poor Transparency:

Managers were not able to overview all the current, pending and upcoming tasks at a glance which led to tough planning.

Challenge #4

Poor Automation:

Basic and simple workflows are not configured to perform automatically.

Challenge #5

High learning curve:

New users of the platform spent too much time learning how to use it.

High net worth clients pay monthly and annual subscriptions to receive reports and newsletters with market research, trading analysis on various industries from multiple traders. A good report can easily drive sales for the firm.

Time to set up some goals!

Goals set up were not limited to the experience but also in accordance with business goals.


  • Should be intuitive, efficient, seamless, and less buggy
  • Should lead to minimal support from the platform team, require no training
  • The process should be automated through constant feedback
  • Users working with the events should be able to oversee at a glance current, pending and upcoming events

User Research





A user research strategy was created which outlined business and learning objectives. The user research study was conducted with 23 users with a mix of pre-defined personas. Some personas included were Client account specialists, Client implementation management, and Client relationship management.


  • Users were asked questions about the role and to perform their task and vocalize their thought process
  • Expert Review was conducted to audit the product and process to figure out what was in place and what was not. Once the insights were generated.
  • Synthesizing of data was done with a team of designers and researchers to find emerging themes and patterns.

UX Design

With the insights from the User Research, the platform’s experience was re-imagined to make it user-centered, re-built to prioritize features and re-arranged to accommodate the flow of information. Here are some features which enhanced the experience of the platform.

Creating a new event is made easy and accessible.

Introduced tab based Navigation panel which shows new events in a new tab for easy and quick access.

Task overview is shown in the main dashboard which highlights critical tasks and pending tasks.
Quick view to show dependency module.

*These are just representations of the original implementation

Ideation Workshop

A workshop was conducted and facilitated by our design team to further synthesize, prioritize data gathered, and conduct ROI analysis with stakeholders.


  • Multiple focus groups were created based on personas from multiple countries.
  • Groups were asked to create a matrix based on the ROI they have analyzed to be able to prioritize features based on value, time, and effort


Based on the prioritization done, concept sketches were generated. Sketches enabled people to easily suggest, collaborate and understand the journey better. Stakeholders were also asked to nominate people from their team and test the interactive wireframes to gather feedback.

This workshop acted as a platform to iteratively test our initial ideas with sketches and also test the final wireframes. Testing was super iterative and Iterations were done for a few rounds to refine further until all stakeholders agreed upon.

Co-creation is the key to insightful and successfully building data-driven solutions

Outcome and Impact

Increased Productivity

Increase in events created

Decrease in Support calls

Increase in processing tasks

Decrease in time for client onboarding

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