Designing a cloud-based trading analytics report creation product for a huge investment management firm

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We were tasked to design a web-based report creation system that sends out informational reports as newsletters every day from the desks of trading experts containing deep trading analysis for paid members of a huge investment management firm.

What we did?

Design a Web and M-Web cloud-based application that makes it intuitive for users to save, upload articles, edit, curate and publish.


What we did?

Designed the product in a way that there is zero need for development to send a new newsletter/report.


What we did?

Complete integration with company generated research and deep analysis reports into the report creation system's UI.


What we did?

Design the newsletter's template in a way that the flow of information is easy to grasp



There was a huge gap and a need to build a product that creates, curates, and publishes reports as newsletters. The existing system performed everything manually using very primitive emailing tools which led to more time per the report, no consistency, poor readability, and no integration with analyst-created reports on trading analysis.

The sales traders who curate the newsletter had to share detailed analytical reports of the market to high-end clientele every day. Each sales trader has about 100-300 clients on average. Clients based on their interest subscribe to receive newsletters from multiple traders on domain and industry-specific analysis.

Understanding the problem

Analytical Reports are the soul of the newsletters. Traders try and add more info like links, written content, quotes, etc. which support those analyses. Market Analysts create reports which were then shared manually to the sales traders who include them in their newsletter.

A high-level ideal flow should be: Sign-in, pick a template, edit, curate, run a compliance check, set a target audience, and publish.

Before publishing, the system checks the content for Compliance and regulatory guidelines, which the user can choose to ignore or correct. Users also need to select the target users from the Distribution List based on region, add product tags and send.

Challenge #1

No consistency:

There is no consistency between newsletters being sent every day and from multiple traders.

Challenge #2

Too much time to curate:

Due to the manual process and lack of the right tool, each email required dev effort and took a long time to curate and send.

Challenge #3

Information Overload:

The readers of the report often found the newsletter to be overwhelming to consume.

Challenge #4


The research analysis reports worked separately from the rest of the newsletter causing a lot of friction in curation.

Challenge #4

Information Architecture:

The architecture is to be built in a way it embeds product tags for analytics and search.

The mammoth scale and complexity were now established, an initial audit was conducted for the current platform exploring all corners and going through all the flows. Once the audit was concluded, other than the many obvious usability flaws, we realized a huge opportunity to automate many of the common flows in events created.

Time to set up some goals!

The purpose of the reports and newsletters was to provide users with information without influencing their purchasing and investment decisions. These goals were set up after a lot of discussion with the business and sales teams.


  • Sales trader gets easy and quick access to research.
  • Report from each desk should use a template to improvise consistency with a custom logo and layout.
  • No learning curve – system guides the trader on how to publish.
  • Built-in search to suggest similar articles published from the same firm.
  • Search integration for users to find articles easily.
  • Option for easy formatting of the content.
  • Content in the newsletter to show highlighted parts, summary, signature, and from the desk of the user.
  • Compliance and regulation reviews should be automated before publishing. System highlights compliance issues and shows recommendations.
  • Tech to be majorly upgraded from word press to react.

User Research





Traders are always in high demand and we had limited access to the busy and hectic trading floor but we got a chance to interview a few users and observe how they went about their work.


  • Users were asked questions on what was their day like and what were some of the difficulties they faced while curating, publishing.
  • We conducted an expert review session to get an insight into the end-to-end process of report creation to publishing. This gave the team a complete overview of the process and pointed out what were some of the problems that had to be addressed.

UX Design

With the insights from the User Research study and the goals outlined. We designed the product to be intuitive, easy to curate, publish and integrate with research content. The design was later tested with a few users and iterated based on feedback.

Traders to be given a template to work with in terms of content. They have to work within the template’s constraints to publish.

Navigation Panel to show access to research with search focused on the tags and tickers. The results were hyperlinked to the specific research.
Home page with a selection of templates and saved drafts.

Tags for users to be able to look for information easier and faster.

Drag and drop feature for saved articles to be curated.
Introduced CRM tools like message attributes, distribution lists – location, industry-wise.
M-Web version was created for sales folks to save articles during their free time and later finish the newsletter.

*These are just representations of the original implementation

Newsletters and research coming from a huge investment management firm should maintain consistency, brand guidelines and high standards of quality.

Outcome and Impact

This project was ignored and had a very limited budget. After the product was introduced, it quickly became an org-wide tool.

Month Project Duration

Development effort for new newsletters

Decrease in curation time

Increase in sales

Decrease in publishing time

Increase in the completeness of the newsletter

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